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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 11, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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imagine that. in the weather tucker barnes is stepped down stairs into the weather center to get the latest data. >> hey, tony good morning. our temperatures remain cool, i just checked, they remain cloudy i checked that too winds will be back as well bottom line today jacket weather, as we are in for a cool one here for middle of april, temperatures 10 degrees below normal, 43 washington humidity, relatively low, 49% winds north and west at 9 and your pressure, 29.95 inches let's look at satellite radar cloud cover working in from the north and west during the overnight hours believe it or not cities like pittsburgh and cleveland had a little light snow, so that gives you an idea how cold the air mass is you can see extensive cloud cover partly to mostly chow di, sunshine as well, cool with winds picking up out of the north and west to about 30 miles per hour, and yeah, there could be a shower later today, best chance of that will be off to our north
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and west high temperatures mid- 50s and we will be cold again tonight, in fact freeze watches freeze warnings for parts of the area, take a look at that in a couple minutes back to you. we continue to follow breaking news of a massive earthquake in southeast asia, a strong earthquake struck off the coast of indonesia, followed by several after shocks the strongest an 8.1 several tsunami warnings and watches were issued most have now been lifted the earthquake was centered off the island of sue ma track and the west coast of ache provinces was evacuated no reports of severe damage but tense moments after the quake struck, people seen clogging the streets with traffic as people headed to higher ground in cars and motorcycles it is similar to the one that killed
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thousands of people 8 years ago. a man lured two women with an ad for an apartment. melanie is live at the scene with the latest melanie. >> reporter: good morning tony i just got off the phone with alexandria police who tell me investigators do indeed know the origin of the ad that put the women in contact with the suspect but holding on to that information throughout the investigation they want to have that information not out there in the general public police tell me the women actually went to the door here, at this vacant office building the man grabbed them pulled them inside and started punching and kicking them swat teams, police dogs swarmed the building near the eisenhower metro station after they called 911 they told police they arranged to meet a man here 5:30 p.m. yesterday evening they thought they were going to be shown an apartment but the man attacked
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the women they fought back vigorously they managed to escape they were seriously shaken they had minor injuries one was taken to hospital as a precaution, alexandria police have advice for anyone answering an ad. >> the woman did what they should do, they came in a pair always bring someone with you, always be on your guard if you are uncomfortable about the situation if it seems off don't feel like you can't back out, just always be aware of your surroundings. >> police did a floor by floor search of the building for a couple hours the former headquarters of the american trucking association neighbors say it has been vacant for a few years we want to give you a description of the suspect here is what police tell us a white male, tall with a thin build, reddish brown long hair pulled back in a pony tail, being lighter in color than the rest of the hair, green eyes, the man has a pale complex, he wore
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a three quarter sleeved black top, police have had calls from the public, some people calling about suspicious people who match the description they are happy to receive those, an investigator will spend the day putting that information together and talking to other jurisdictions to see if any of them have had similar incidents like this tony and allison. >> all right melanie thank you very much. in another story a 20-year- old maryland man is now charged with wreckless endangerment in the death of a 6-year-old who accidentally shot himself raymond brown admitted he left a gun in his backpack inside a home in clinton. amari perkins opened the bag and found the gun monday it is not clear who owns that gun. a teacher who once worked in the district is now on the fbis top 10 most wanted list, he has been on the run since
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2008, he taught third grade on the grounds of the national cathedral another teacher found explicit photos of at least one boy on a school camera he was using they believe he had multiple victims he hasn't been seen since the day she lost his job, agents leave he left the dc area. >> there are a few things that typically make these folks stop, those things are discovery, arrest, and incarceration, or death. that is what makes these guys stop no on off switch that some body like topf will turn off. >> the fbi believes he has multiple victims. >> meantime a bizarre twist in the trayvon martin case lawyers representing george zimmerman quit in a press conference yesterday his former legal team said they have lost all contact with him and are concerned for his well being but say they believe the shooting was
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justified. >> i still believe he was acting in self-defense that night, nothing that i have said about him or this case has changed in any way. >> the announcement comes as special prosecutor angela corey will make an announcement of her own she is expected to decide whether to charge the neighbourhood watch volunteer with a crime of the february 26th shooting of trayvon martin in the meantime martins parents are in the district today they will hold a news conference at the national action networks annual convention hosted by reverend al sharpton. some residents across waldorf maryland are in disbelief a local ice cream man was busted for selling dope out of his truck. and an anonymous tip led to the arrest, karen grey houston has the details. >> ice cream, you scream we all scream for ice cream it can come in cones, it can come in bars, it can come on a stick, but along with the ice cream 20-
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year-old alexandre, charles hopkins of waldorf was selling marijuana. >> it is surprising, that some body would actually deal drugs from an ice cream truck. >> reporter: the county sheriff's office said he sold his goods in several waldorf neighbourhoods including banister circle. >> shocking, disturbing. >> reporter: he said the guy drove the truck through his neighbourhood just about every day the sheriff's office said he didn't sell to really little children mostly kids in late teens or young adults. >> you like ice cream? you ever go to an ice cream truck to buy ice cream? >> i don't buy my own. >> reporter: what kind do you like? >> all the kinds. >> reporter: of course he likes ice cream who doesn't but now his dad is nervous about him approaching ice cream trucks. >> apparently it was easy for hopkins under the guise of the friendly ice cream man to allegedly peddle other goods, sheriff's deputies spotted his truck near bays water court in
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sheffield circle and pulled him over. >> then called for one of our canine drug detecting dogs that dog came and aall righted on the vehicle he had marijuana, in small plastic baggies which were contained in a larger plastic bag that he actually hid in his briefs. >> he has been charged with felony possession of drugs with intent to distribute. now fox 5, spoke to the owner of one local ice cream truck company in waldorf he said if he had known what hopkins was doing he would have turned him in himself he is giving others a bad name. show and tell in a connecticut classroom land add students step father in jail police in bridgeport say a 5- year-old brought his step fathers jacket to kindergarten, and pulled out 50 packets of heroin during show and tell, the teacher grabbed the bags and the principal called police the childs step father was arrested when he came to the school looking for the drugs. the 5-year-old is in state
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custody now, while police locate other relatives. it was a bizarre scene at denver international airport yesterday a woman took her clothes off when security asked her to put out a cigarette inside a concourse. the woman's behaviour had parents running to cover their children's eyes, some just stared paramedics took the woman to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation. coming up incorrect information what a new study found about job seekers who keep getting turned down. >> republican presidential hopeful pool just got smaller rick santorum, bows out. what was behind his decision what he plans to do now it is 9:09 a.m. we will be right back ♪
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♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. thousands of job hunters in the u.s. could lose out on jobs because of faulty background
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checks a new report by national consumer law found some employers are getting criminal background checks from questionable data companies and that sloppy handling of information can cause a search on one person to turn up a rap sheet about a person with the same name the report found many employers ignore laws requiring them to let people correct false or negative information. some better news there will be a march around the monuments to honor emancipation day in the district dc area residents can join local and nash mall leaders marching between the major sites on the mall it begins 2:00 p.m. lincoln me nori can't like goes to -- memorial, goes to jefferson before getting to mlk at 5:00 p.m., this is the first of many high profile events to mark the 150th anniversary of emancipation day in the district which officially is celebrated on april 16th, that day will include a parade on
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pennsylvania avenue, a street festival at freedom plaza and fireworks. turning to the race for the white house rick santorum is throwing in the towel he gave up his bid for the republican presidential nomination yesterday afternoon doug luzader has more on reasons behind his departure and what he plans to do now he is off the campaign trail. >> reporter: mitt romney's closest rival is now out for all practical purposes, bringing this long nomination battle to a close. >> there has been quite a day for me. >> reporter: yes, it has mitt romney on the campaign trail last night in pennsylvania, having just cleared perhaps his last hurdle for his party's presidential nomination, even he was surprised when rick santorum emerged earlier in the day and said this. >> well, this race for us is over for me, and we will suspend our campaign effective today we are not done fighting. >> reporter: this were two big
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factors behind that decision, first the santorum's daughter bella has a rare genetic condition and she has been fighting pneumonia she was just released from hospital. but also, despite his improbable rise from the back of the gop pack to a real contender, santorum may have dreaded what was ahead a knock down drag out fight in his home state of pennsylvania in two weeks, in what had become a bitter rivalry. santorum called romney yesterday but didn't mention him publicly, newt gingrich and ron paul pledged to remain the the race but neither has the delegates to touch romney the white house predicted for some time romney would win the nomination, president obama attended multiple fund raidsers in florida after proposing a new tax on wealthy americans like romney who will now have more time to focus his attacks on the president. santorum did make a real name for himself in the process he may be a real player in the republican party down the road
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for now his plan is a little more modest he wants to get some sleep in washington, doug luzader fox news. dc elections board is launching an investigation into voter fraud it comes after an under cover camera showed someone trying to use the attorney generals name to vote. activist james o'keefe and his conservative group, say they made the recording to demonstrate the lack of security at voting places it showed a man claiming to be eric holder even though he didn't have an id. >> exactly what the extent of the behaviour was and what statutes may have been violated in this case is a matter we are still investigating something i will leave it to prosecutors. >> justice department dismissed the video saying in a statement it is no coincidence the so called examples of rampant voter fraud consistently turn out to be manufactured ones, james o'keefe and his project stand by their methods.
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prince william county executive announcing he is running for the second highest office in the common wealth of virginia, corey stuart is about to kick off his candidacy for lieutenant governor the first may jar republican candidate to announce he is running stuart is making the announcement in wood bridge later today. >> secretary of state, is laughing out loud, lol she wants people to know it hillary clinton was the subject of an internet joke, timber shows her sending text messages to politiciancelebrities, she is embracing the internet parody she invited the creators to the state department for a good lol she was depicted sending imaginary messages through her husband. that makes me want to read the phoney text messages. >> coming up in just a little bit smithsonian is about to
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unvail a new exhibit find out what will be back on display. >> navy football team breaking it down, caught on ram are their dance just ahead we will be -- camera, their dance just ahead we will be right back [ man ] did we get anything good?
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>> dorothy's ruby red slippers will soon be on display. the exhibit is called american stories and will feature a handful of objects some date back to the pilgrims arrival in 1620. it will be a new chronicle of u.s. history starting from the europeans first encounter with the native americans to 2008 presidential election. okay. not sure how the shoes fit in with that display but okay. >> the american story? >> everything else is historic. >> didn't wizard of oz didn't
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it do something historic at the time? >> made a lot of money. >> i thought maybe first in color. okay. navy football team letting loose, as another year of spring ball comes to a close. >> take a look at this. ♪ [ music ] from the electric slide to cupid shuffle players showed off their moves before practice they posted this to their youtube channel yesterday even the coach got in on the action. >> looks like he is doing the wobble wobble. >> i like it. >> dc is getting ready for a sure sign of spring baseball. the nationals host the cincinnati reds in the nats home opener tomorrow the game is at 10:5 p.m. coverage begins early in the morning holly morris and dave ross will be down at nationals park tomorrow with more on the hopes for this season and what is new and fun for you and your family, at the ballpark that is always a fun morning. >> all right. coming up texting could put you
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in the face of danger. >> a distracted man face to face with a bear video you don't want to miss coming up next. as we head to break we could see the space shuttle, flying on top of a 747, over the dc region next week. discovery is due to fly, 1500 feet above the belt way to a new home at the air and space museum near dulles airport the fly by scheduled next tuesday between 10 and 11:00 a.m. that will be a sight to see [ male announcer ] ever wonder what's behind two little fleas? the next generation and then countless more. how do you kill them? frontline plus. it uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks. plus another to eliminate flea eggs and larvae, annihilating the next generation of fleas. and, frontline plus works non-stop for thirty days. no wonder it's the number one choice of vets for their pets and yours. ask your vet about frontline plus.
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9:27 am
say he would be late fortunately no one was injured the bear was tranquilized and removed from the neighbourhood. >> all right. i bet the bear was scared too. >> probably. >> bear looked like he was walking along >> i don't ever want to come face to face with a bear unless it is fozzie bear. >> me too. >> cool conditions, cloudy outside, possibility of a rain shower, later today, but that is about it most of the day will look gloomy although we are not going to gain rain out of it. >> bouncing around. >> winds are back too there is a live shock. grey outside and cool, jacket weather, we are still hanging out in the 40s let's kick off the forecast with your pollen count through the roof, for trees, well, we are high maples, and a couple others, juniper i can't remember the
9:28 am
elm trees that are responsible for the pollen that will not change a lot next couple days we will continue to have a lot of wind, relatively dry conditions, grab some mold you have mold spores on the increase over the next couple weeks gan national, 44 degrees, 30s north and west of the city, 41 gaithersburg, frederick, winchester 41 degrees and 48 in fredericksburg notably cooler today high temperatures will only be, in the mid-50s, and we have been enjoying 60s, 70s last several days it will be notably cooler even than during the day yesterday. cloud cover, grey and sinking south into the east aerial low pressure big upper level low, spinning and spinning across the great lakes, enough energy, came through, cleveland and pittsburgh overnight they got a little bit of light snow s we will see if that doesn't
9:29 am
translate to a few rain showers around here this afternoon again our chances for, a lot of rain, not good maybe just a few showers, all right mention the cool temperatures today tonight, cold, and guess what is back? yes, the freeze watch and freeze warning and there you go looks like all the communities there, in light blue under a freeze watch now just an update, freeze watch north and west of the city where temperatures are very likely to get to 32 degrees tomorrow if you are in one of these warned locations, tender vegetation you may want to bring it in let me just add parts of southern maryland just because you are not under a freeze watch or warning doesn't mean you too won't see freeze temperatures get off to a cool morning. winds north and west gusting again to 30 miles per hour partly cloudy, tonight, breezy cold i mentioned the freeze watch 39 your overnight low winds north and west 10 to 15
9:30 am
your five day forecast gradual warm up, but, by the end of the five day it will be extremely nice around here, although extremely dry need the rain, not much in the forecast but we will take what we can get 71 saturdaynear 80 with sunshine sunday, nice looking weekend ahead. all right that is the weather tony and allison back to you at the desk. in just about 15 minutes from now schools across maryland will take part in a statewide tornado drill officials are encouraging everyone to review their tornado safety plan today this month marks 10 years since a powerful tornado tore through la plata and charles county winds topping 200 miles an hour the same storm dropped softball sized hail across the area, that takes place 9:45 a.m. british boy band one direction may have more fans but a u.s. group says they had that name first the lawsuit ahead. >> speaking of lawsuits, kim
9:31 am
kardashian hopes calling herself harry will get her out of legal trouble. we will talk with dax holt and tmz he will explain that. first, a look at today's trivia question, we've missed it too, this one is about tony what was the name of the tv show that tony hosted from 1986 to 1988 on wdca tv 20 was it the captain 20 show, small wonder, dc 20 break away or dc 20 live. so this is what we are doing trivia question. >> every now and then we will have questions about us. >> tony will give us the answer later on the show. you have been following tony for years if you want to take a guess head to facebook pgh >> what if i don't know the answer. >> then we've got issues
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opening the buzz bin with our friends at tmz, one direction facing a lawsuit over the name plus why is kim kardashian calling herself harry. >> time to check the hollywood headlines with dax holt. >> good morning guys how are you? >> doing well. >> we will kick it off with the bands and the trademark infringement issue what is going on. >> so the big band one direction is kind of exploded on the pop charts lately, they are now getting sued, there is apparently a u.s. version of the band one direction and they are very upset they said they formed back in 2009 way before the uk version of the band got together they are saying we are going to sue you, you need to change your name and give us over a million bucks i have never heard of the u.s. version, so i am thinking they are going to be out of luck. this is how it happened this
9:36 am
band made it big but the u.s. version saying they already trademarked the name the whole thing so the other band needs to change their name i am thinking it is not going to happen. >> they are everywhere including snl. >> crazy. >> let's switch gears, kim kardashian has a lawsuit of her own. >> yeah, well, there is a hair product company called radiant, for like laser hair removal and they are upset with kim kardashian they sued her saying she was making false claims she was promoting a brand called trea she said it worked awesome got rid of her hair they are saying that is not true that company does not get rid of hair she is lying about the product so they want her to stop and give them a bunch of money. well, she is now saying throughout this lawsuit it is stupid, trea worked awesome for me that is all i can ask for because i am a harry armenian
9:37 am
is what it comes down to. she is asking for this lawsuit to be thrown out >> i don't even want to touch that subject. >> let's just move on. >> the last subject, jay lo speaking of hair running down a beach public beach? >> yeah, she ran down a public beach i didn't know this was possible she paid $925 on easter, and rented out 3400 square feet of nice shore line in long beach california and just made it private for the day look i want to have my family there my kids and new boyfriend they are just going to run on the beach and none of the lesser common people can hang out we got photos looked like she had a wonderful day. >> so locals were not allowed to be there then. >> no, they got to go find somewhere else. jay lo in town >> i don't know if i like that. >> two sets of rules dax thank you so much see you later. >> see you tonight. >> we love that show.
9:38 am
>> it's the best. >> tony over to you. >> i am surprised it only cost $900 to rent a beach. coming up actor michael eli in a new movie, he will join us in studio to talk about think like a man and a little later, remembering clara barton she invented the first aid kit, founded the red cross truly impacted our nation holly is taking us to her home, 9:38 a.m., we will be right back  only $79.99 for a lucid by lg ? i can get a smartphone with verizon 4g lte ? it'd be so easy to check facebook, send emails. and the screen is easier to read in sunlight ! the universe is practically telling me to get a smartphone. it's like, "lisa, it'd be super cool if you got a smartphone. also, i like your outfit." thanks universe, let's get me a lucid.
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welcome back, so women listen up if you are having trouble with your relationship maybe you need to thing like a man a new movie based on steve harvey's new book act like a
9:42 am
lady thing like a man -- think like a man, follows four friends who get even with their girlfriends, this new romantic comedy will have you laughing out loud and thinking about your approach when it comes to your own relationships joining us this morning one of the stars of the film, called thing like a man is actor michael, welcome to the show. >> welcome back home. >> nice to be home can't complain. >> michael is from silver spring brook, graduate university of maryland. >> college park yes. >> i got to think that when you were there studying english did you thing that is what you would do or did you know you would always be an actor. >> i originally, when i was at spring brook i was all about architecture it wasn't until i got to maryland i realized i don't have the math and science, you know, i am just not good at that i had to change my major and went with english. >> with the hope of acting or
9:43 am
with the hope of teaching? >> i had actually decided at 19 i was going to act for the rest of my life. >> that's right. >> yes. >> that is what people always say you have to visualize it early but it is tough you get work back to back to back to back. >> not always but i appreciate that thank you yeah. i am glad i was able to make a decision early in my life. >> you are an irer and ration, so let's -- inspiration so let's talk about this, it is based on steve harvey's book tell us about it and your role >> i play a characters named dominic the dreamer of the group, this is one of those rare comedies where, the story is told through the perspective of the guy if you are thinking this is like a chick flick, no. >> okay. >> told from the perspective of the guy, guys can come out too it is about five guys who thing everything is going well and
9:44 am
unforcommute theyly, their women get a hold of this book and then that is when like all this chaos ensues from this. >> love it it is an all-star cast megan good, chris brown, gabby union and others how much fun was it to work with this cast first of all. >> it was amazing i have always wanted to work with teraji she is a dear friend of mine now obviously also regina hall. >> that's right. >> three of us on this one project so we all came together but it was a lot of fun a lot of fun and i think everybody will see that when they see the movie. >> your characters, you are paired up with teraji >> i know we got a maryland romance going. >> right. chesapeake bay i was trying to think of the seasoning crab cake romance. >> she is from the area. >> now, what we have seen from
9:45 am
the trailers maybe you misrepresent yourself but she seems like the high profile, executive, and you are not on the same status right now. >> as i said my characters dominic is a dreamer he is trying to start are relationship with her characters, high powered ceo he wants to tell her the truth but like most guys he listens to his friends, who tell him to omit things. >> right. >> and that creates all kinds of problems. >> it looks like so much fun we can't wait, there is this screening tonight don't know if we can all go but a red carpet 7:30 p.m. >> some of the stars will be out. >> yes, myself and mr. steve harvey. >> yeah exciting. >> yeah i am excited about that. bring the movie home. >> it's got to be great in your hometown. >> this is home coming for me i remember asking the producer about this when we were filming the film last summer,. >> yeah
9:46 am
>> i was like you got to let me take this one home. >> glad you did we have seen you in dramatic roles, comedies most of us first saw you in barbershop what is your favorite role? >> um, wow, i think i am still probably much better at the drama, the comedy is something that i am just starting to get into now. >> is it harder? >> comedy is so much harder i have a television show. >> yeah. may 11th. >> usa. >> we just finished filming that i got to tell you i have never been more drained at the end of a work day than i was doing comedy all day i had the most respect for comedians and comedic actors. >> we got to say chris brown is in this movie too we loved you guys in takers. loved it that was the same sort of all-star like ensemble cast. >> yeah. >> you know. >> we went for like a little
9:47 am
rat pack feel. >> it was good. >> that was a fun movie i was trying to bring that one home too. >> i was going to say would we see a takers two but you wouldn't be in it. >> it would be a prequel see how the guys got together >> sit possible? >> yeah, everything is possible. >> let me ask you too, what about a bio pick? who would you like to play? >> i am currently working on a bio pick trying to get the right stories i can't say them on air someone will then try to outbid me for those but the bio pick is something i have to do in my career to be happy. >> you are going to be excellent whatever you do we are so proud of you. >> thank you. >> welcome back home in this movie please this movie in my mind already made $50 million. >> listen april 20th is the day. >> april 20th. >> the day every body needs to go out and, i think we can do
9:48 am
bigger than 50. >> that is just first day. >> if you wondered like what kind of person michael is he is such a nice guy. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming by >> appreciate it. >> tony overto you. >> thank you very much. this week, there are free events at the clara barton national site in glen echo maryland, holly morwas was there to find out more about the first founder and president of the american red cross. >> good morning tony i don't know if you noticed but 1912 was a very big year. >> there is a lot of hundred anniversaries we have been celebrating cherry trees, titanic sank 100 years ago and also in april of 1912, america lost an icon, and that icon was clara barton and here at the clara barton national historic site they are commemorating the 100th anniversary of her death
9:49 am
with special events that start thursday go through sunday you can come here any time and you can always come and tour the house what an amazing place this is not only her home for the last 15 years of her life but also the headquarters of the american red cross, she was the founder, and the president, and there is some interesting things you can learn about this house when you are here. bernie is with the park service she joins me on the second floor. this is an maizing house give us an -- an amazing house give us an idea how big it is. >> 35 rooms 10 were used for bedrooms, there were 10 bedrooms on this floor and these were used for her and staff, 10 or more and they would work. >> we talked earlier 50 closets very organized frugal. >> that's right. >> how many bathrooms. >> just one. >> one bathroom. >> yes. >> let's talk about that, a woman with great ideas how can we only have one bathroom. >> she had chamber pots and a
9:50 am
sits bath this was the turn of the century, indoor plumbing was new she was state of the art having one bathroom >> i kid she was a woman of wonderful ideas, one of those was the first aid kit not long ago we were down stairs with young kids, putting together a first aid kit, going through some of the things what goes in we have a stuffed turtle that doesn't go in, but you know there are a lot of things, when you are thinking of clara barton how innovative she was coming up with an idea like the first aid kit where did she get her drive? >> her drive was that vision to help others who couldn't help themselves and she saw the need and wanted to help and whether that was starting the first public school in jersey or helping soldiers on the battlefield or helping folks after disaster because there was no organization, around. >> she was one -- if not, the first but one of the first
9:51 am
female government employees. >> absolutely one of the first >> amazing when you thing of it during a time when women aren't able to vote women were supposed to be home married with kids. >> be seen and not heard. >> she had a voice how was she able to find that. >> she had skills, qualifications and a lot of women at that time were staying home, but clara barton was a great typist she was familiar with modern technology she immersed herself in the technology of the era and shared it with the world. >> we came up here to the third floor because we wanted to show the stained glass, tell me about that. >> well, it is original, and she placed an oil burning lantern behind the windows and the reflection was shined through people stepping off the trolley knew this was the red cross headquarters. now headquarters, warehouse for the organization. >> we also see furniture here
9:52 am
pertinent to her story she would have used this for storage this would be furniture she would send out today vaster relief. >> she thought about mad tresses, -- mattresses, beds, furniture, tables pots and pans. >> one thing i think people might be surprised, to find out, she actually opened the first public school in new jersey. >> the founder of the first free school in new jr. see before she arrived in new jersey, 1850, there were no public schools. >> i asked when i got here but was she ever married she wasn't. >> never married never had children she didn't want to compromise her career she chose to remain wedded to helping others. >> she was dedicated to the movement of getting african americans the right to vote even way before the women got the right to vote. >> absolutely before the civil
9:53 am
rights act and civil rights process she was on the front lines of change she was a part of also the women's suffrage movement working with susan b anthony, francis b gauge and frederick douglas she was involved in everything. >> one thing i read was pertinent george washington, thomas jefferson are the founding fathers perhaps clara barton was the mother. >> i agree. >> thank you for inviting us. >> thank you for coming. >> our website we have a link to the clara barton historic site they have special events going on thursday through sunday but always welcome you i told you we would maybe get to talk to clara herself unfortunately the reenactor didn't make it here this morning but a funny side note when they built this house for clara barton she didn't want the deal with the commute,
9:54 am
clara barton today, 2012 perhaps dealing with the same issue clara barton way back when. >> see she knew. >> thanks. >> coming up tucker has another check of the five day. >> also we will answer today's trivia question it is about me we are doing anchor trivia questions. >> love it. >> speaking of questions, do you have a question you would like answered send it to me head to click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison, we answer questions on a variety of topics but love the family issues, relationship ones you have a couple days we take questions, every friday morning during the 9:00 a.m. hour of fox 5 morning news  we love gardening...
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our facebook fan of the day. jennifer and her husband are giving us a big honor we have already done it hopely the family has heard they wanted us to announce they are going to have a baby. jennifer is due in october. congratulations to the happy couple hopefully the family is fine thanks for watching. find us on facebook and post a comment under jennifer's photo jennifer seems to be saying oh, here we go. all right. our producer came up with the idea of having trivia questions some times are about us. >> yes. >> this is the first of those questions, today, trivia question yes, tucker. >> i don't want you to get this one wrong. >> i won't. today's trivia question, we asked what was the name of the tv show i hosted 1986 to 1988 onwdc 8 tv 20. >> small wonder. >> dc 20 live. >> no, dc 20 break away.
9:59 am
>> what was it? >> a saturday afternoon show, two hours, top middle and end of each four half hour sitcoms, where i would come on and do promotional things and make fun of the sitcoms, small wonder was one of the sitcoms, we used to get a response to it. >> we need to find old clips of that. >> on the internet? >> yes, i am young with a beard, skinny >> i have to check it out. >> we all know bacon is tasty, with eggs or on a sandwich what about on ice cream? >> no. >> well, soon you may be able to find out what it tastes like a burger king in nashville tennessee is introducing a new bacon sundae made up of vanilla, soft serve,


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